Films: TED 1 and 2.. ¿Good or Bad? -Inmortal Moral

The movie begins with a Bear bearing life for the desire of a child, nothing can be more beautiful. The case became famous as forgotten. The story revolves on how the protagonists grow and how life should live and that the Bear must grow. It may seem like a story whose plot can be considered childish, but in the end it is only a childish adulterated, with drugs sex and alcohol.

While in the first film tries to make one of the protagonists grow, in the second tries to be considered human. The second film has a better story, of how something can be considered human.

Both the first and the second are the same villain, who can get more profit, but do not, leaving the do what can make a good complement in the history of the two TED films.

In the end, it's not so bad, I give it 80 out of 100, since the jokes are okay.

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