Theories: Five Night At Freddy Sister Location. Did Ernnard own the body of the night-laborer we've handled all the time? -Inmortal Moral

Zombie Films: PANDEMIA (2016) Really bad? -Inmortal Moral

Zombie Films: Zompires (2016),El Enjambre (2016) , Extinction(2011)

Films Zombie: Sin salida (No Exit) (2016), Stressful? Great plot gap? Recommendable? -Inmortal Moral

Mangas Yaoi: Yuigon, Ikumen After2 , 50 x 50, Second Life VYO

Games: Fran Bow. It's complicated? - Inmortal Moral

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Películas: Southbound (2015-2016) ¿Novedoso? (no sopilers)