Mangas yaoi: Black sun. Good story? - Inmortal Moral

It is interesting the plot, but the truth walks with each other hollow. Like the past of the protagonists, and a touch of stockholm syndrome. It is a good story despite this gap, and although the relationship of the protagonists is confusing, I think it is the stockholm syndrome that gets to mislead the reader. It is well-made story, but it is confusing when you feel attraction, or when you feel abused. It is difficult to see when he stops feeling violated by a loved one. On the part of the seme, saw someone who thinks differently, who sacrifices for others, this makes him feel attracted. With hollow I mean, apparently the protagonists knew each other, but they do not go deep into that, making a hole.

Despite that, the story is passable, wanting to read it to the end, which is not very predictable.

 90 - 100

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