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The way the story is presented is seen from the point of view of the protagonist. It is similar to watching the movie from the point of view of the protagonist using a video camera, but here is not used a camera but, what the same protagonist sees with his eyes. This means that we do not have to support an inefficient video camera quality (as it usually is).

Seeing everything from the point of view of the protagonist, it does not stop being stressful, which makes the viewer feel as if he lived what he is watching, something good, to get into the film if the viewer is a person easy to impact. Although for some, this can become annoying to be equal if a camera was used.

The plot:
There are two stories that are presented, which seem to be related but not as one thinks.
The first story, tells us how a mother and her daughter try to survive a world of zombies. The story begins when in a car, a child's hand drops blood that apparently comes from the father of the infant, a girl, she and her mother run away and apparently a zombie follows, seems to be able to reach the girl.

The second story, is a man who discovers that he is going to become a father, this person receives messages from his father about a conspiratorial event, which the protagonist of this story, ignores. He discovers that his wife is infected, they end up killing her, flees with a friend, they have to escape, they end up with a group of believers, and more events. The strange thing is that the protagonist has dreams that he persecutes people being a zombie, when he discovers that he is infected (when he is infected it takes to take effect, since he had a week infected), they tell him of a girl who was bitten , But the virus has no effect on it, which suggests that this is the relationship between both stories, very simple, at first glance. When the virus begins to take effect its vision changes, which makes it look like a video camera, which makes it desperate.

These two stories, they begin to be related when they tell the protagonist of the second story, about a bitten girl that had no effect the infection and believe possible cure or a hope for humanity. But seeing the union between the two stories, it is not as you can think (unless they speak of another film or story that is not mentioned), the protagonist's dreams attacking uninfected people, make you think that Are visions of what can happen. Due to this union of the two stories, it makes us think that there is more than simple zombies, leaves a big gap in the plot, which makes us think that the father of the protagonist of the second story, has an important clue to say about conspiracy .

The acting of the actors, is quite good, and it is best seen how the film is recorded, from the point of view of the protagonist, which makes it look more real.

Some details of the second story are:
That the zombie virus has a delayed effect, as a friend of the protagonist, had no symptoms until it was injured, but not because of a zombie, this suggests that the virus is in the air or is activated with a wound made of any way.
The protagonist, was touched by the blood of an infected (the wife), but we do not know if it was only superficial, or entered by a wound, which makes think, like the previous point, that there are more ways to become infected, but As this form was slower than that of his friend.
It is not known whether by the blow that was made to the friend or by the smell of blood the blood, was the cause of the infection of this one.

Some details of the first story are:

  • It is not known whether or not the child is infected, but the mother has a wound. Knowing the details of the second story, we can assume many situations.

When is it advisable for a person?

  • This movie can be stressful if you are easy to hit, so this movie is recommended for you.
  • If you are one of those people who make theories, this movie is recommended for you, since you can analyze a lot of data for it.
  • If you like gore (everything the zombies do), then this movie does not have much of it, but it would be recommendable.
  • If you are not one of those people previously mentioned, you may not be very interested in the movie.

 Due to the great gap and doubts that leaves the film, the final score is: 80 of 100.

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