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Rebuscando hasta el último dato: Vilainous (Reto Black Hat -1,2,3-)

Retos Black Hat
Reto Black Hat 1:
YouTube: FaceBook: Extras: 1.La primera escena, vemos al jefecito de lejos y luego de cerca. Siendo esto referencia a los videos de terror, en que una sombra que está lejos, termina acercándose. Me recuerda al corto de terror, luces fuera. Enlace en la descripción. 2.Por manejar un muñeco de ventrículo, se cree, que es referencia a Jisaw, el que dice empiece el juego.   3.El juego se llama Capturar a la bruja, que es una referencia a la bruja de Blair, o simplemente una bruja más. 4.Con el uso que le dan a esa cámara, es referencia a las películas de terror que son grabaciones, y así fue la película la bruja de Blair.  5.Según, Alan Ituriel, en su cuenta de tuitter, esto es una referencia al meme. Sinceramente, ni yo me di cuenta. Tal vez, le dio gracia y le dio re tuet. 6.Cuando demencia rompe ramas, puede ser referencia a la…

Zombie Films: Zompires (2016),El Enjambre (2016) , Extinction(2011)

Zompires (2016)

A film of more action than gore, a good plot and now, the zombies, have a more animal behavior: They travel in herd and there is an alpha or boss, not forgetting that the sun burns them and kills them, as if they were vampires.

The story, is of interesting action and very according to the subject, has traitors, desperados, sacrifices. It is advisable, although it may feel a little slow in some points, but almost no one gives an account.

Final score is: 80 - 100


Very interesting?

An interesting movie, really. The protagonists have their character, you can see some romances, and the zombie virus was created but there was an accident and the only one who knows how to create a cure is dying from radiation. It can not be classified as gore, but it has enough action.

The characters make the story interesting, although the plot is loose in some points, for some characters is beneficial. At the end of the film, they seem to imply that they can see a sequel, and that has not happened yet.

Something new?
Now the virus zombies can affect some and others do not, if any member of the family does not affect you, the possibility that another member is immune is high. Those affected can inherit immunity or not. This for me is novel, although in other films it has been said that for some the virus does not affect them, here they give a reason, or at least that was new for me.
The zombies, now do parkour, is to make a very interesting enemy.
Now, the zombies do not die for

Final score: 100 - 100.

El Enjambre (2016) 

Original? New?

The originality of this film is amazing. Zombies act like a swarm, organized, are not interested in eating the uninfected, simply infect them and live their lives as if nothing.

This virus acts as if they all connected infected, a kind of social network.
That the memories are transferred and in the same film mention two examples of it. From this point of view, (at least for me) is novel.

The plot, introduces us to a subject who is infected, but it is a case in which he apparently disconnects, temporarily, and tries to remember everything. We can see, a lot of memories, that are not just his and presents us moments before this virus gets out of control. Maybe the whole plot is presented through memories, but it is well done and gives us to understand the plot.

Final Score: 100 -100.
Highly recommended, a movie, which is novel.


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