Zombie Films: PANDEMIA (2016) Really bad? -Inmortal Moral

A Zombie movie, where it is known to be caused by a virus that has five stages, of which, the world only told of the first four. Besides that in the first stage is treatable, even curable.

The way to see the film, is through cameras, but placed in protective helmets of the protagonists, is a bit annoying because it changes from camera to camera, but as a good point, they are not cameras of poor quality, they have a good definition

The story brings us some characters, who are underdeveloped, one being told by the doctor, because of the identification it brings, the doctor who participated in the creation of the virus and can help to stop it. They risk a lot to save her, even telling her if it is infected that she conceals it and when they return they treat and cure her, unlike the rest, she asks that she abandon them. A doctor is more important, especially if it helps a possible cure.

During the course of the plot, it is noted that they give the doctor some paper, but they see that it does not act as such, and they begin to suspect. They separate and the doctor confesses to a member of the group that is not doctor, that found the identification. Then you join them or another team member who had gone astray before. They find the group they are trying to rescue, and that's where she discovers that the doctor is not a doctor. Here is a mistake in the plot, if they wanted help to escape, and they had an ambulance where they fit, so that they needed help? If they could drive and leave. The group left, leaving the last two members of the rescue group. The member heeded the one that pretended to be the doctor and they go to the house by the family of this, but the husband died, and the daughter is infected. Here the error is in the driver is left waiting and the infected come thing that happened because the woman was put to do the infection test to her daughter and shows the result to the camera, wastes time looking for food in the house for her Daughter, besides watching the video of the husband, it does not matter the fact that she finds her suit to her, and the terrible ideas that she took to be able to leave alive.

The plot of mother worried about her family, is really good idea for a film of this type. But they did not do well, some performances are unbelievable and even exaggerated. It was not easy to see, it is from those films that when you see them once, you are no longer interested in seeing it again, in addition to the errors mentioned above.

Something new?
Almost none, only this movie, apparently infected, can handle cars, when it is in some of the early stages and for the characters of the film is new that the infected eat humans. This is due to lack of food, they resort to cannibalism, but like other zombie movies, they prefer uninfected meat to eat between them.

The effects?
Normally I do not criticize this part, but there was a scene where supposedly there was fire in the city, but the fire is SO false, it shows that it is digital.

Final score: 25 out of 100.

Since it's a movie that gets lost in the pile, it's only for B rating. If you like zombies, this movie is not for you.

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