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Rebuscando hasta el último dato: Vilainous (Reto Black Hat -1,2,3-)

Retos Black Hat
Reto Black Hat 1:
YouTube: FaceBook: Extras: 1.La primera escena, vemos al jefecito de lejos y luego de cerca. Siendo esto referencia a los videos de terror, en que una sombra que está lejos, termina acercándose. Me recuerda al corto de terror, luces fuera. Enlace en la descripción. 2.Por manejar un muñeco de ventrículo, se cree, que es referencia a Jisaw, el que dice empiece el juego.   3.El juego se llama Capturar a la bruja, que es una referencia a la bruja de Blair, o simplemente una bruja más. 4.Con el uso que le dan a esa cámara, es referencia a las películas de terror que son grabaciones, y así fue la película la bruja de Blair.  5.Según, Alan Ituriel, en su cuenta de tuitter, esto es una referencia al meme. Sinceramente, ni yo me di cuenta. Tal vez, le dio gracia y le dio re tuet. 6.Cuando demencia rompe ramas, puede ser referencia a la…

Theories: Five Night At Freddy Sister Location. Did Ernnard own the body of the night-laborer we've handled all the time? -Inmortal Moral


We know the real ending, Ernan pretends to be Baby, and leads us to the room of balls, after they attack us and we see everything red, then we see a kinematics in which we are in the apartment or the house, we are in the Part of the bathroom while listening to TV drama music, we see the mirror, the man opens his eyes and these are lilacs. Many theories indicate that it is the man of purple, or the beginning of these, taking into account that the house of FNAF 4 is above the circus and all those details that we will not yet see, for the moment.

Having talked about all of the above, it makes me think ....

Did Ernan own the body of the night worker we've handled all the time?
Apparently yes, using what contains the room of the balls and some other machine of the place. It could be that he put all his memory into the brain of the worker. As we know the human brain is the best computer ever created, with a lot of capacity, so emptying the memory of an animatronico in a human cerbero, does not sound so simple. Now, why did Puppet do the same? How did you see in the FNAF mini game 2. Will you be aware of those Sister location machines? I say no, but the purple man (Ernnad) does not know. They have not asked themselves, why does the man in purple run desperately before an infant soul?

The purple man being possessed by Ernnard thinks that soul can separate him from the body of the human, reason for which he flees, but for some reason, he thinks that hiding inside the animatronic spring bonnie, will help him escape from the souls.

Given, you must have knowledge about the costumes and they are dangerous or at least in the memories of the human.

Now, how about passing on that trauma, Ernnard dispossessed the worker, making the reason why springtrap, "help me" in FNAF 3, is the worker, whose last memory is when Baby le I bring the ball to the room by betraying it. At first, when I realized that springtrap says "Help me", it made me think that the purple man was repentant, but seeing this final, real final in FNAF SL, makes me think that Ernnard no longer owns the body of the worker And this one is confused. Of course, if we think that Ernnard dispossessed him, but just as the worker's soul stayed in the spring bonnie suit and with the traumas of his work, it ended up becoming what we already know. This gives me sadness, an innocent .. maybe the subject that we handle in FNAF SL is not the purple man, but even so, the poor worker was disgraced life and did not see the end of the TV drama.

This concludes this part ... Wait for the next ...


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