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Is the subject the father of children?

I know that the lamp that appears when we watch TV, is very similar to one of the corridors when we play FNAF 4, this can not be evidence that it is the same house, since, as a programmer, re used some elements Saves development time. But of course, in another part of the game, in the mini funtime game freddy and the cameras in the child's house of FNAF 4, in the mini game of Ernan, which makes us think, that the circus is under the house, as well That thinking about the lamp does not sound wrong. But we must think that not only because something appears also elsewhere, it is an evidence, since it can be an easter egg or an element that is reused to save time.

Now, with the aforementioned, we can not say that it is the father, who says he is the father? By a few references? It can be someone who pays rent, or have a different apartment or house than FNAF 4.

The point is, that only by the end when it is seen that its reflection opens the eyes and these are purple or purple, it is thought that it is the father of the children and the beginning of the man of purple.

But they forget that the eyes in people do not shine, it could be said that an explanation is needed to explain the maps and the cameras of the mini game of Ernan (In the monitors you see the rooms of the house of the infant of FNAF 4), which Makes you think, do you need cameras in the home of FNAF 4? So many may say that it is the father, a family friend or another member of the family. Who says he's not the brother? A family friend? Or another worker?

What is the beginnings of the man of purple, then, we can say that yes, but we can not be sure ...

Cameras in the child's home of FNAF 4?

Why do they have these cameras in the house of FNAF 4?
We already know that Baby tells us to hide under the desk and close the door worked for the previous subject ... That was the one that put the cameras? The previous worker?
So ... this guy we're driving is not the father? We can say that the former worker is the father and because of the accident that happened to his son, he left or died. We do not know.

Since only the father would put cameras in his own house, so we can say that a local worker is the father. What need is a person different from the father with the cameras? It is not known.

Now, why the cameras in the playgrounds of FNAF 4? In the hallway, in the door and the closet, and the child's bed. That waits? Do you know that Ernnard is an animatronico who can leave the circus? (False ending). So, would the cameras be to monitor your house? With this last question gives us to understand something ... The animatronic nightmare are real ...

Or at least something real if you visited us during the nights in the game FNAF 4. Just because it was night and we were infants with a great imagination, we thought we saw something else. So like every protective father puts security cameras.
JUST A MOMENT!!! This breaks with the coma theory:

The child of FNAF 4 is in a coma throughout the game. If he is not in a coma, this means that the father (or worker) is a sadist, the brother and his friends were the ones who visited him at night, how is this possible? If you remember the images of the animatronics nightmare of the page of Scott, some images said: Was it me ?. Which translated says: Was I? It makes us think that the child was visited by the brother and his friends. But this breaks with what we see in bed, which are the serum, flowers and pills. You may have received treatment at home, because you could not afford the hospital, but this would make the brother and his friends look like a lot of sadists, since no one would bother the patient. What remains to explain the cameras would be for the child to talk in a dream talking about the animatronics who visited him, hearing this, the father thought about the animatronics of the circus and so put the cameras.

Definitely the parent or worker is sadistic and we check with the ability of animatronics funtime to have infants locked inside them, but we do not know who made them, but we understand that the man of purple has knowledge.

Now we go to the freddy teddy bear of FNAF 4. Before FNAF SL,

I thought it was Puppet since the child of FNAF 4, witnessed the death of this one. Now that we talk about cameras in the house, it made me think that Fredbear's bear is not an imaginary friend, it's a camera with audio recording, video, etc. Put to watch the infants and get victims. If Baby, she is good with us in the game, it can be she that talks to the protagonist of FNAF 4, through the bears of Fredbear, an interesting theory to touch. This can be valid as long as the game of FNAF 4 and FNAF SL happen at the same time.

Toy:  Fazbear of FNAF 4

Now we will play the theme of the Fredbear teddy bear, from FNAF 4. In the previous post, we know that the bear talked to him and that was everywhere, in that case we say that it was Baby who speaks to him, but what if he was a worker Or the same father? In case of worker is surprised how irresponsible is the father, but in case of being the father, the same.

Now, think, what if it was the father who spoke to him and not Baby? A good father who for work had no remedy, and as he says at the end of FNAF 4:

Who says that through the FreadBeard bear? Baby or a worker (possibly the father)? Does this have to do with the simple fact that Ernnard could have a human being? As Ernnard says when he pretends to be Baby, "there is a little bit of me in everyone", or something like that when translating it, this means that the father put the memory of his son in Errnard, making the child of FNAF 4, Is inside Ernnard and this when wanting to go out possesses a human body, becoming the man of purple (according to this), the issue is no. The father could not put the memory of the son in an animatronico, since in a mini game (mangle) of FNAF 3, when it comes to get good end, we have this:

An infant crying, and who else cries in FNAF 3?
The answer is: The child who is given the cake for his birthday and puts on the mask of Golden Freddy or Freadbear, ...

So Ernnard did not come to life because they put the memory of an infant (the one of FNAF 4), since the infant of FNAF 4 appears in mini game secrets in FNAF 3 (to see previous images), therefore, if Puppet knew that it was the Birthday of the infant with the mask of Golden Freddy or Freadbear, is that it was Puppet who speaks through the Fredbear Bears, and was not the father nor Baby.

So the theory that the talking Freadbear bears, was actually Puppet stands (currently), and that the reason why Puppet tells the infant that:

What do you mean by that? A that the infant witnessed the death of Puppet or the animatronics on stage.

So, although the idea of ​​Freadbear's Bears may be to spy on the future victims of the circus, there is no doubt that Puppet used them to communicate with the infant.
Conclusion: Both theories can be certain at certain point, but what does not agree, is the end, with the part of you I will repair, that could not say Puppet, can be another subject, as someone who visits him in the hospital ...

As can be seen in all the entries on this topic of FNAF Sister Location, many theories can become entangled with others and even contradict themselves, but in the end they make sense.

I still have to talk about more theories, and with all the ..

If you want me to talk about something else, tell me in the comments, if you want it to be about FNAF tell me the theory they want you to talk about. Or something else.

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