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Well, we know this was coming. The only thing strong enough to destroy a diamond would be another diamond, at least in real life. If the creator of Steven Universe makes it more realistic then we know who is to blame, but she can put what you want, if a parla destroyed it and Rose Cuarso, well it's her business. We will not criticize anything of its creation only try to deduce what it wants to say.

What does Steven's lawyer mean?
That Diamond Rose was with all her staff nearby. No one could see Rose? Nobody gave notice? No one noticed? Have the Sapphires not predicted? Where was the Pearl of Diamond Pink?

All of these questions indicate only one path: Help from within. The possible candidates in this plot would be the ones that could be easily approached:

  • Perla Rosa: Since he is always by his side.
  • White Diamond: With authority.
  • Yellow Diamond: With authority.
    They are the three possible suspects who could help Rose Quartz in the attack on Diamond Rose. And in that attack Diamond Rose was destroyed, but could Rose do it? As we mentioned before: "The only thing that is strong enough to destroy a diamond is another diamond", clear in real life, but we do not know if the creator of the series would take this into account. If we think that yes, then the behavior of Yellow Diamond would be suspect:

    Anything is acceptable to pass judgment to execution:

    • He wanted to go into execution just for Steven's appearance.
    • With what the prosecutor said he was made enough to proceed to execution.
    • With what Steven said, that he was guilty was enough.

    I just wanted to kill Steven and that was enough, if it was not for Azul, I'd be dead already.

    The face of Amarillo when Steven said she was guilty, it is noticed that she knows that Rose is innocent but that Steven believes that she is guilty, puts it a little absentminded.

    Steven's explanation is not very consistent since he mentions things at random, since he does not know how everything happened.

    When he mentions Bismuto's weapon (breaking point), Blue speaks and says that with a sword.
    And a blue aura covers the whole place, making all the gems cry, except Lars, since he is a complete human. Also that explains how he could cry in the Steven Bomb 6, when I tube the dreams seeing everything from the point of view of Blue Diamond, but that is history aside, since I do not think that blue aura covers the whole planet, I think he mentally connected with her.

    When the lawyer makes the explanation using the palanquin of Blue Diamond, the reaction of Azul is of sadness whereas Amarillo only turns to see it, like feeling sadness, but seeing Blue thus, not by the death of Rosa.

    Blue's reaction when Steven's lawyer deduces that the real culprit is someone of authority as a Diamond.
    This makes me think that Blue began to question everything that has to do with the death of Diamond Rosa, even fight with Amarillo when it removes the physical form to the prosecutor and the lawyer.

    All this makes Yellow Diamond look like guilty, but why?
    A possible love affair with Azul and Rosa was interposed?

    Or was it because of the geo gem he put on the ground? We know that the Earth has many resources, but Yellow Diamond cared about the geo gem, but since the planet was Diamond Pink, it is an obstacle. This is another point of favor for Amarillo to have reasons to destroy Rosa.

    Now let's see what we know about White Diamond, which is nothing, since we can not mention anything about it, the only thing that can make you guilty is that it is someone with authority, as to approach Diamond Rose without raising suspicion, Diamond with enough strength to destroy another diamond.

    Now Perla Rosa. Although the fans already thought as it would be the possible form of Perla Rosa, is the first time that is mentioned in the series to the Pearl of Diamond Pink. We can say that Rose Quartz could pass through the Pearl to approach without raising suspicions, but as we know Diamond Rose came out of her palanquin, Rose may attack her from behind and a Diamond destroyed her, but as there were witnesses, they called Rubi (eye), she saw, but only mentioned the sword of Rose that only destroys the body not the gem. So Rose could not have been alone, tube than have accomplices ....

    Rose Cuarzo have help of other Diamond?

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