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Rebuscando hasta el último dato: Vilainous (Reto Black Hat -1,2,3-)

Retos Black Hat
Reto Black Hat 1:
YouTube: FaceBook: Extras: 1.La primera escena, vemos al jefecito de lejos y luego de cerca. Siendo esto referencia a los videos de terror, en que una sombra que está lejos, termina acercándose. Me recuerda al corto de terror, luces fuera. Enlace en la descripción. 2.Por manejar un muñeco de ventrículo, se cree, que es referencia a Jisaw, el que dice empiece el juego.   3.El juego se llama Capturar a la bruja, que es una referencia a la bruja de Blair, o simplemente una bruja más. 4.Con el uso que le dan a esa cámara, es referencia a las películas de terror que son grabaciones, y así fue la película la bruja de Blair.  5.Según, Alan Ituriel, en su cuenta de tuitter, esto es una referencia al meme. Sinceramente, ni yo me di cuenta. Tal vez, le dio gracia y le dio re tuet. 6.Cuando demencia rompe ramas, puede ser referencia a la…

Games: Fran Bow. It's complicated? - Inmortal Moral

We already know the game that came out in 2015. Fran Bow.

History: It is entertaining and graphically shocking. It begins as a simple story: Happy family, the little girl getting a gift cat, plays with them and witnesses the death of the parents. The last thing already begins to be out of place with what the story began. The girl tries to retrieve her kitten and return with her aunt, leave the mental hospital, in addition to the pills cause hallucinations or as mentioned in the game, "another reality." Thus begins the story of the girl and has an end that leaves much to think and history is rebelling telling the truth about those other "realities."

Playability; It is quite good, the mouse and keyboard are used.

Graphics: They are pretty good, both all "realities". They imply that every design of reality is unique beautiful. Both what is satanic, how is the world of nature, the normal world.

Characters: They are somewhat disturbing, but more by design (the satanic world), do not forget that they look like disturbed people who live an eternal hell. They are beautiful and colorful (I do not remember what it's called but it represents the world of the seasons, a world of peace), very opposed to the satanic characters, in addition to their friendship, they have no fear or fear. Characters of the human world: They are like the people you see every day, their worries, fears, anguish. Nothing bad.

The worlds that appear, make you think about the people and the design of the characters makes you think about how they are emotionally minded or how they are related to the protagonist, be it friend, mother, or father. All the symbolism has meaning, in the end, you can do theories about the game and spend some time on that ..

Final Putuantion 100 of 100.


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